Ching Lin is our name, professional level manufacturer is what we do. We've devoted ourselves to making reliable levels since 1982. With constant pursuit toward making accurate and more convenient leveling tools for the professionals and DIYers, we have developed a complete line of levels, including torpedo, spirit, circular, pocket, handy, l-beam, and box levels. We manufacture using aluminum or plastic to suit your purposes. In order to meet our patrons and the growing demands of the world market, we’ve also developed our own laser levling systems. Lasers are currently gaining in popularity in Europe and America as well as the rest of the word.

We are especially proud of our outstanding quality, reasonable prices and on-time delivery. We’ve watched many of our customers grow into large enterprises and are elated that we have continued to support and supply these industries with our contributions.

We sincerely hope that our partnerships will continue to evolve bringing us all closer to your as well as our business goals.

Your Ching-Lin level team.

Tel: 886-4-24079991   Fax: 886-4-24078651   E-mail:clevel@ms23.hinet.net   No.53-1, Kuang Chen Road. Ta Li City, Taichung Hsien, Taiwan. R.O.C.